The Big Idea

It’s no longer enough to simply say you’re doing your best when it comes to being a good corporate citizen. Stakeholders, both internal and external, are demanding you show what you’re doing and that you’re living up to your announcements. The role of ESG as part of the procurement function is taking on more and more importance as it demonstrates the efforts being put in to creating environmental and governance sustainability.

Customers are more environmentally and socially aware than they have been in any other time and businesses that don’t take the concerns of their clients seriously are destined to be left behind as new, more socially aware enterprises are created to pick up the slack. So, what is it you need to know to ensure your organisation is able to proactively show you are walking the ESG talk?

The inaugural ESG Procurement Conference 2022 brings together procurement, ESG, and sustainability professionals for a deep dive into the role of ESG, how existing policies and framework can be revitalised to include fresh ESG initiatives, and the role procurement can play in supporting environmental and societal change across their supply chains.

The ESG Procurement conference 2022 examines some of the most pressing issues procurement and sustainability leaders are focused on including anti-slavery, carbon reduction, team development, and much more. Running in September, the ESG Procurement Conference 2022 provides attendees with tangible, easy to translate tools designed to assist them in revolutionising the way their procurement department functions and to increase the success of new, and existing, ESG initiatives.


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