Conference Day Two - Friday, 9 September

Registration and welcome coffee

Opening remarks from the Chair

Sharon Morris
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
CIPS Australia and New Zealand

Introducing environmental sustainability in procurement

Maximising the lifespan of products through implementing circular procurement strategies
  • Encouraging procurement professionals to view a product from the perspective of whole-of-life management
  • Understanding the role circular procurement plays in the more effective use of assets and its place in ESG
  • Outlining the economic and environmental benefits circular procurement has on the procurement function

Beverley Honig
Director and Co-Founder, First Nations Blockchain and Chairman
Greenville Developments

Panel Discussion: Talking best practice when it comes to maximising recycled and recovered materials in procurement
  • How can Australian businesses meet rising consumer expectations that you are living up to your environmental credentials?
  • How can organisations work with suppliers and wholesalers to ensure increased use of recycled/recovered materials?
  • What are some ways procurement managers – and managers across the various business units – can devise strategies to reduce waste and extend the life of existing products?
  • How can you enhance the acceptance of ESG across the supply chain through developing innovation in tenders and contracts?


Myla Bulaon
Head of Procurement Strategy and Policy
iCare NSW


Blaise Porter
Group Director Sustainability & Social Responsibility
Sims Metals

Andrew Walcott
Associate Director of Procurement
University of Sydney

Emma Cooper
Director of Policy
NSW Treasury

Facing down the roadblocks and challenges of prioritising ESG in procurement
  • Examining the most common pitfalls for organisations when it comes to developing ESG initiatives
  • How to best clarify upfront with your organisation’s suppliers your expectations around ESG requirements
  • Undertaking continued analysis of how the supplier aligns with existing expectations around ESG

Andrés Naranjo
General Manager – Procurement and Purchasing

Morning tea and networking
Supporting ESG at every opportunity

Partner Session

Panel Discussion: How to build a team that understands responsible sourcing
  • What do you look for when you are looking for procurement staff to lead responsible sourcing initiatives
  • What are some of the ways your procurement team can learn how to evaluate the ESG credentials of suppliers
  • How can improving data sources enable supply chain transparency and ESG clarity
  • How are you establishing and supporting sustainable procurement functions into company-wide policies and frameworks


Sharyn County
General Manager – Procurement, Property and Fleet



Sebastian Conley
Sustainable Procurement Manager

Joanne Kennett
Senior Manager - Social Procurement and Workforce Development
Transport for NSW

Luke Harrison
Head of Portfolios – Format Development and Facilities

Rachel McConville
Supply Chain Integrity Manager

Lunch and networking
Digital procurement & ESG

Unlocking the future of digital procurement through engaging with emerging technologies
  • Knowing what comes first, technology or process improvement, and how to embed digital technologies into existing sourcing strategies and supplier management processes
  • Reviewing your current digital transformation plan to ensure it supports your procurement strategy moving forward
  • Leading the charge to prevent further investment in legacy systems that are no longer fit for purpose, and offering supportable cost-effective alternatives

Else-Beate Bright
Senior Director of Member Engagement, Australia and New Zealand
World Commerce & Contracting

The trickle down effects of corporate ESG policy from a grassroots perspective
  • Introducing the unexpected benefactors of corporate ESG practices
  • Understanding and acknowledging positive social outcomes through the 'trickle down' effect
  • Humanising ESG outcomes through economic participation

Nikki Blanch
Meals with Impact

Harris Ryan
Meals with Impact

Streamlining data collection to improve analytics and modelling to create long-term ESG success
  • Using enhanced data collection and analytics to integrate ESG into your procurement strategy
  • Developing best practice to tailor your ESG strategy and metrics to address specific issues
  • Understanding the limitations of ESG data and the obstacles you’ll face with data that is skewed towards only one or two key areas

Frances Atkins
Co-Founder & Director

Afternoon Tea and Networking
Stakeholder relationship management

Developing an enforceable and transparent code of principles for suppliers and upstream supply chains
  • Understanding why it's essential for your organisation to be seen to walk the talk when it comes to using procurement for social good
  • Focusing on the core principles of sustainable procurement and determining how you will support them
  • Learning from the examples of other businesses and determining what to include in your own new, or enhanced, code of principals

Christel Martin
Director Procurement Excellence
Transport for NSW

Panel Discussion: Unlocking the positive impacts of ESG through developing and maintaining healthy markets and supplier relationships
  • How do you raise, and stress, the importance of ESG with your stakeholders
  • How can you convey the importance on maintaining a successful working relationship in turbulent times
  • What are some of the strategies you’ve implemented during the past couple of years to create value across societal and environmental measurements
  • How can you be sure the vendors and suppliers you begin negotiations with align with your company’s values


Sharon Morris
General Manager – Australia & New Zealand
CIPS Australia and New Zealand


Lesley Skinner
Director – Commercial Law and Procurement & Chief Procurement Officer
Regional NSW

Marjolein Dijkshoorn
Head of Procurement – AUSPAC
QBE Insurance

Kimberly Randle
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Closing remarks from the Chair
Conference adjourns