2023 Partners included:

  • COS
    Tier 2 Sponsor

    Following in his father’s footsteps, COS was founded in 1977 by Dominique Lyone with two staff in Western Sydney. Over 46 years later, COS has over 600 staff delivering thousands of products to businesses across Australia with warehouses in every state and territory. COS remains a family-run and privately owned business with Dominique’s daughters Amie & Belinda Lyone now leading the business together as Co-CEOs.

    As a private family-owned business, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to give back to our community and contribute to a sustainable future. It is thanks to our people and customers that COS has been able to give at least $1 million per year to the Lyone Foundation and, over the last decade the Lyone Foundation has donated over $16 million in funds to local charities in our communities across Australia, delivering inspiring initiatives and programs. We are also very proud that by the end of 2023, COS will have achieved net zero with 100% renewable energy for our operations across the country.

  • Achilles
    Tier 2 Sponsor

    Achilles helps organisations to build a more sustainable, cleaner, safer, and fairer world. Using our global technology platform and protocols based on more than 30 years of experience, our highly qualified validators and auditors perform due diligence and develop insight to ensure organisations meet ESG, sustainability, human rights, and health and safety supply chain obligations. Achilles also provides accredited carbon audits aligned to ISO 14064-1, TCFD, SBTi and CDP.

    Operating from 17 locations worldwide, Achilles is at the forefront of the battle against climate change, a champion for social justice and human rights, and an expert in health, safety, and risk management.

    Tier 2 sponsor for ESG Procurement

  • FairSupply
    Tier 3 Sponsor

    Data to Decision. Your ESG Partner.
    FairSupply is a fast-growing, cutting-edge global ESG data provider and consultancy. Through world-leading proprietary technology, we provide our business and institutional clients with unparalleled visibility over ESG risk along their entire supply chain.

  • Procurement Co
    Tier 3 Sponsor
    Procurement Co

    Procurement Co was founded in 2013 with the sole focus on doing procurement better. We are a South-east Queensland owned and operated, speciality consulting firm, with a focus on Procurement, Transaction Management, Contract Management and Probity. We strive to deliver value to our clients through a personalised and professional approach that achieves a perfect balance of commercial, technical, and organisational objectives and provide specialist services to all levels of Government and private industry across Australia.

  • iPRO Modern Slavery Assessment Tool
    Tier 3 Sponsor
    iPRO Modern Slavery Assessment Tool

    iPRO Modern Slavery Assessment Tool is one of the leading modern slavery risk assessment platforms. It’s a cutting-edge technology designed to help you assess and address your modern slavery risks. Conduct your supplier assessments, at scale, and utilise the reporting + action plans to fast track your Modern Slavery Statement.

    Powered by iPRO Software, it’s the fast, reliable, and affordable modern slavery risk software. We use the world’s leading independent modern slavery risk framework to benchmark your suppliers. With individual supplier profiles and aggregated reporting insights, you get detailed data and information, that you need, to respond to the mandatory reporting criteria set by the Australian Government.

    The iPRO Modern Slavery Assessment Tool (MSAT) is the fastest and most affordable way to assess and address your modern slavery risks. Over 6,000 companies trust iPRO Software platforms every single day to manage their own, or their supplier’s risk & compliance.


  • Winc
    Tier 4 Sponsor

    Winc is a workplace supplies company. We free up companies to do what they do best by taking care of everything a workplace needs to work, all in one place, delivered. From office, school, facilities and safety essentials, services like print and promo, to demonstrating what's possible with our technology and furniture solutions, Winc has one of the widest product ranges available. By providing sustainable solutions for every room in the workplace, including close to 700 products from 10 First Nations brands, our team of industry specialists is dedicated to helping you achieve your social procurement objectives.

  • Pilot Pen
    Tier 4 Sponsor
    Pilot Pen

    Pilot is the brand of choice amongst Australians looking for a smooth writing experience combined with quality and reliability.

    At Pilot Pen Australia, we’re committed to helping organizations transition to a circular economy. We too are on a journey, as we consider both the product lifecycle and circular economy principles in product development. Refilling is one way to Reuse products & is at the heart of our sustainability approach – it’s about reducing plastic waste by extending the life of products. We’ve designed a quality range of writing instruments that can be refilled many times over for both economical and sustainable effectiveness. http://pilotpen.com.au/ecopack/

  • Orix
    Tier 4 Sponsor

    ORIX Australia is part of the global ORIX Group, the largest fleet management company in the Asia Pacific region with over 1,100 offices and 1.8 million assets under lease and management throughout the region. We recognise our role is to use our expertise to assist clients identify solutions that reduce their environmental impact and embed more sustainable practices without compromising business operations. As such, we look to integrate sustainability into all areas of our decision-making and solutions we offer to customers.

    Our innovation mindset has been recognised by the Australian Financial Review, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency and the Human Resources Director. Through our innovative solutions, including the award-winning OneView customer portal, vehicle pooling and telematics platforms, we work with our customers to get more value from their vehicles and to manage the evolving risks of a mobile workforce.

  • Veriscape
    Tier 4 Sponsor

    Veriscape is a Supply Chain Technology company.

    For more than two decades, we at Veriscape have been implementing critical supply chain technologies that have helped businesses expand into new markets. Our solutions have empowered organizations to seamlessly integrate hundreds of sites across the globe, enabling thousands of employees to manage millions of purchase requisitions and process trillions of dollars in business transactions. Our experience and expertise in the field have been pivotal in the success of many businesses, and we take pride in our ability to deliver top-tier supply chain technology solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals and thrive in a highly competitive market.

    Partner with us and together, let’s break new ground.

  • Garbology
    Tier 4 Sponsor

    Garbology and our partners drive continuous improvement programs for the sustainability, efficiency and reliability of waste services for our customers. We engage directly with the best suppliers for each situation to deliver the best solutions the industry has to offer.

    Garbology love data, we create meaningful and accurate waste reports using real weight data and accurate estimates to provide insights into the efficiency and sustainability of each site for our customers.

    Garbology also create Resource Recovery Plans to provide context and direction to the actions required to improve the waste service for your business. Our planning service extends to going to market for our customers waste requirements.

    Garbology has a strong focus on eliminating the production of waste through the use of reusables, whilst we focus on eliminating the use of consumables that are unrecyclable.